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Home Preschool: Letter S


The letter of the week in our home preschool was the Letter S.   My daughter’s little cousin, J, has joined us for home preschool twice a week.   Our theme for the week was under the sea which included:  seahorses, seashells and sand.  

Below, J, is counting up to the number six and placing clothespins onto containers for fine motor skill development.  She is also practicing writing the letter s in sand along with tracing a sand paper letter s.Letter S p2

Below is an outline of a seahorse and a sqaure cork board.  The girls are poking holes along the black lines for hand-eye coordination and pre-writing skill practice.  They are also coloring in a letter s worksheet for letter recognition and sound alliteration.Letter S p1

Here, we are doing a fish bowl number match FFG and a 1:1 correspondence seahorse grid game using seashells as counters.  The girls also sorted seashells and made an ocean wave bottle with seashells.

Letter S p3

Please visit Homeschool Creations’ Preschool Corner for more ideas and to see what other mom’s are doing with their preschoolers.


Letter J Lapbook

Letter J Lapbook

Inspired by this blog, and to finish up our week on the Letter J, we read the book, Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, by Eileen Christelow:

Sept 2009 Letter J Lapbook003

Here’s a list of what’s inside the lapbook:

Letter J initial sound worksheets can be found here

A Letter J mini-book I found here.

An itsy-bitsy book on the letter J here.

A letter J pattern which I used for the front cover of the lapbook came from here .  The clipart that you see on the Letter J came from here.

We used a few of Carrisa’s printables from her Five Little Monkeys tot-book.

I laminated and cut the pieces to the story, found here, so my daughter could re-tell the story.

And, the J is for Jump mini book can be found at Homeschool Share here.

Sept 2009 Letter J Lapbook007

Sept 2009 Letter J Lapbook001

Instead of a file folder, I used a two pocket folder as that was all I had on hand.  The pockets come in handy to hold the laminated handwriting worksheet, coloring book, and the Jeffrey Jaguar short story with J words.

Sept 2009 Letter J Lapbook002

Below is a Letter J Picture and Word matching game for the above story so my daughter could use the cards for matching or for re-telling the story as well.

Sept 2009 Letter J Lapbook006

Finally, the pocket will hold a handwriting worksheet I laminated for practicing writing the letter J and a worksheet for finding hidden letter J’s.

Sept 2009 Letter J Lapbook008

During the week, we searched the house for all things starting with the letter J.   We went outside and wrote big J and little j’s on the sidewalk and jumped on them.  We did jumping jacks and tried to jump rope.


J is for Jellyfish

We’re learning the letter J this week.  M has been using her sandpaper letter J to trace and her tray of cornmeal which is all I had on hand – it works great.  She’s been practicing and is getting good at writing the letter J.  Today, we made jellyfishes using contact paper, sequins, glitter and ribbons.   I added the letter J to one of the tenticles of the jellyfish and then hung it in her room.  She’s been going around the house saying, “J is for jellyfish, j is for jump”. 

2009 Aug J is for Jellyfish

2009 Aug J is for Jellyfish

2009 Sept Letter J001

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Summer Math


Cuisinart rods come in handy for my boy, D.  He’s on summer break from public school and will be entering the first grade in August.  So, to help him be prepared, we are using cuisinart rods to learn addition and subtraction.

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Hanging Clothes

July 2009 lifeskills

Gave my girl, 3 years old, a basket full of clothespins and some of her clothes.  I hung a rope from one door knob to another.  Gave her a few instructions on how to hang clothes and then let her at it.  This was alot of fun for her.  She continues to ask to do this task.  I’m glad as she is learning some new life skills.

July 2009 lifeskills2



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