One Little, Two Little


on February 24, 2008


My son got these seashells last year from his Nana because he had asked for them.   We use the shells for counting, sorting and classifying, sensory perception – is it rough or smooth, what does it look like – among other things.   My daughter pulled them off the shelf and began “playing” with them.  I saw it as a learning opportunity!  She’s only 2 years old and hardly grasps the concept of sorting and classifying.  Nevertheless, I like to seize every opportunity I can to show her how because I know in my heart that she is learning regardless of her age.  At first I try sorting with her – showing her how the shells look alike and differ, how they feel – rough versus smooth.   I then move on to showing her how to make a pattern – white shell, brown shell, white shell – what comes next.  But, since her attention span is minimal to say the least, we quickly move on to size differences like big, bigger, biggest.  Here too, she just doesn’t “get it”.  I’m probably pushing the limits of this type of early math with her.   However, I think It’s worth an effort to try.  What do you think?






big, bigger, biggest



One response to “Seashells

  1. carisa says:

    Absolutely! This is what we’re now calling “Tot-School” over at my house! I am feeling more and more called to be more focused in my “teaching” of my amost 2 yr old. Actually what we’re doing is providing learning opportunities and if they are interested it becomes a teachable moment, if not, we and they move on. It’s about seizing the moment, but not forcing it…which is what you’re doing!

    They often don’t get it, but the exposure is priceless. As a former K teacher with a degree in Early Childhood (don’t mean for that to sound all official or anything… 🙂 ha ha) I recall the importance of us telling parents to provide learning opoportunities through PLAY. Many parents didn’t get it at all, but the ones who did…man could we tell! Their kids came to school ready to learn, many with a deep love for learning. THAT’S what you’re doing! That’s what I hope to do with my young one and what I tried to do with Paxton.

    Keep it up and keep sharing, I plan to also on my blog as “Tot-School” takes a front seat to my blogging posts now. I even have a post in progress about our “Tot-School” events for this week. I love reading other ideas from great moms…like you! We too have seashells and I honestly never thought to take them out for Ky!


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